Why I am running for Bernalillo CountyCommissioner

When I joined the County Commission in 2009, I made a commitment to the residents of District 3 to listen, to learn, and to lead. Over the past six years, I’ve worked hard to keep those promises.

As commissioner, I’ve worked with community members and advocates to lead the way to:

  • Create new jobs.
  • Bring ethics reform to county government.
  • Protect our natural environment and our water resources.
  • Support families.
  • Make our community safer.

I’m running for re-election to the County Commission because we’ve made great progress, and, with the right leadership, we can do even more.

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Where I stand on theMajor Issues

Our community has many challenges including creation of good-paying jobs, enhancing public safety, championing our families and defending our environment.

A Leader on Job Creation

Bernalillo County incentives have created more than 2450 jobs and generated private investment of $425 million. I will continue to lead our efforts to partner with all levels of government to recruit more quality jobs—including supporting the arts and cultural economy and leveraging local high-tech research through programs like InnovateABQ.


  • Led effort to bring 1,000 new jobs at Lowe’s Customer Service Operation Center
  • Supporting our entrepreneurial economy as an InnovateABQ board member.
  • Created the “District 3 Arts Shows” at Bernalillo County Offices to promote working artists.

A Leader on Public Safety

The Bernalillo County jail must be able to hold individuals who are a threat to our safety, but it must not be the only option for people who suffer from mental health problems and addiction. I have been a leader in the County’s efforts to provide better and more accessible behavioral health services.


  • Sponsored $1.1 million for 75 supportive housing units for residents suffering from mental health issues or addiction.
  • Supported 1/8-cent gross receipts tax for behavioral health services.
  • Worked with Attorney General to make bath salts an illegal drug.
  • Spearheading effort to streamline and coordinate regional behavioral health spending.
  • Secured $500,000 in funding for lighting and pedestrian/bicycle safety in District 3.
  • Sponsored revisions to Bernalillo County Animal Care Ordinance to better protect our animals and our residents.

A Leader for Our Families

I helped to raise the minimum wage to support hard-working families. I also worked to create policies to ensure equal pay for female employees of County contractors, but we must do more to ensure pay-equity provide more opportunities for our children.


  • Passed Pay Equity resolution to require County vendors to report pay disparities between men and women, to encourage them to institute equal pay for equal work.
  • Partnered with New Mexico Appleseed and City of Albuquerque to provide 30,000 healthy, locally-sourced meals per month for at-risk kids.
  • Dedicated funding and secured facility for Casa Q, a shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth.
  • Created Youth Sports Commission to expand athletic opportunities for children.

A Leader on the Environment

I will continue to work with our federal delegation, the New Mexico Environment Department, and neighborhood organizations to ensure that remediation of the Kirtland Air Force Base jet fuel spill continues and that our drinking water is protected. I am also working with the community to identify and preserve open spaces.


  • Led the Water Utility Authority’s actions to make sure the U.S. Air Force took aggressive action to address the jet fuel spill.
  • Sponsored ordinance to reduce contamination of groundwater from septic systems.
  • Created partnership between Bernalillo County and the University of New Mexico to preserve UNM North Course as the first Urban Open Space in Bernalillo County System
  • Funded UNM/CNM transit study to promote high-capacity transit serving University Blvd. corridor from Sunport to Menaul.
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